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At Florida Speedometer, we offer a wide range of speedometer conversions, covering a large number of years, makes, and models.

We offer not only MPH conversions for imported cars but also KPH conversions for exported models. If you’re importing a vehicle from Canada or want to send a converted vehicle from the United States abroad, you’ll need to change or convert the speedometer to read in the proper scale MPH or KPH (or KM/H) Don’t pay those high dealer prices.
That IS if the dealer can even do it!
We specialize in speedometer conversions using your existing cluster, which saves you hundreds in parts and reprogramming of a new cluster! Florida Speedometer stocks a large inventory of replacement parts at a deep discount when compared to dealer pricing.

We are unique in offering not only a fitment service either by mail order, but also a full conversion including reprograming the odometer to MPH or KPH and Temperature display from/to Celsius or Fahrenheit.

There are 2 options in completing this process.
1. Replacing the entire instrument cluster (very costly to the end user).
2. Converting the instrument cluster professionally to MPH OR KPH using only high quality OEM parts.

At Florida Speedometer we are known for high quality and OEM finish and style.
If you have any questions about your conversion requirements, please contact us!

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